TitlePartial Shutdown of Federal Government
Posted On1/11/2019
As you are aware, a partial government shutdown has continued into the new year. While Department of Health and Human Services (includes NIH), Department of Defense, Department of Energy and the Department of Education are funded; others such as NSF, NASA, NOAA, USDA, NIST, and NEH are not. The following is a summary of information from our government partners and other colleagues.

Office of Management and Budget (OMB):

National Institutes of Health:

National Science Foundation:
  • No new funding opportunities (Dear Colleague Letters, program descriptions, announcements or solicitations) will be issued.
  • FastLane* and* proposal preparation and submission will be available; however, proposals will not be processed until normal operations resume.
  • *Help Desk is available.
  • proposal preparation and submission will likely be available; however, proposals will not be processed until normal operations resume.
  • Responses to any inquiries received regarding upcoming deadlines, including proposal preparation, will be deferred until normal operations resume.

  • Allowing us to continue work up to the allocated funding in our current agreements.
  • They are putting us on notice that access to particular NASA resources are not available due to the shutdown.

Department of Commerce (including NIST and NOAA):
  • Grants and program/technical management assistance and support will not be available to recipients of grant funding.
  • NOAA websites and social media will not be updated, except to the extent necessary to protect lives and property (e.g. storm tracking)
  • NOAA GrantsOnline system is unavailable until further notice.
  • Most NIST-affiliated websites will be unavailable until further notice.

Research Policy and Compliance:
  • RPAC is working with Federal Governmental Relations and other departments to help measure the impact of the partial shutdown.

Office of Contract and Grant Administration:
  • OCGA will notify the PI, Department Chair, department administrators, EFM and subawardees on the project if a Stop Work Order is received.
  • If the PI/Department receives a Stop Work Order, send to

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this disruption. We will post this, and other updates, on the OCGA home page.
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