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What is required when UCLA relies on another IRB


Step 1: UCLA Researcher contacts the OHRPP to inquire if a reliance is possible


Submit a completed Request to Rely form to


Step 2: UCLA OHRPP confirms that a reliance is possible


OHRPP staff will provide confirmation to the UCLA Researcher that an IRB reliance is possible, and will provide any necessary instructions for the next steps and for entering into an agreement if necessary. At this point, OHRPP will also assist with local context info as needed by the reviewing IRB (NOTE: The UCLA IRB does NOT conduct a review.)


Step 3: UCLA Researcher Registers the reliance in webIRB


Once the OHRPP confirms that a reliance is appropriate for an individual study, the UCLA Researcher is responsible for registering the study in webIRB.
The reliance registration is created by selecting “UCLA to rely on another IRB” in Section 2.1. This creates a short smartform that requests only summary information about the study, information necessary to communicate information to other UCLA offices (e.g., contracts and grants, participant payment, coverage analysis), and copies of the materials approved by the reviewing IRB.


The UCLA investigator is responsible for:

  • Following the IRB approved protocol
  • Ensuring all UCLA personnel are qualified and meet UCLA education/training requirements
  • Not modifying the protocol or materials without first obtaining review and approval from the Reviewing IRB
  • Accepting responsibility for the conduct of the study at UCLA, the ethical performance of the project, and the protection of the rights and welfare of the human participants who are directly involved with UCLA personnel; and
  • Obtaining any required ancillary approvals before commencing the research.


Step 4: UCLA OHRPP staff completes administrative review of reliance registration


UCLA does not complete an additional IRB review; instead, the OHRPP completes an administrative review of the application that includes the following:

  • Negotiate and execute an IRB reliance agreement (if necessary)
  • Confirm that the necessary documentation from the reviewing IRB is included
  • Confirm UCLA personnel have completed required human subjects protection training,
  • Verify that consent documents include any required local language (See ICF Checklist for Collaborative Research)
  • Identify necessary local ancillary reviews (e.g., conflict of interest, radiation safety).


The OHRPP staff will issue an “External Review Accepted” notice when the OHRPP administrative review is complete, signifying that UCLA human subjects protection requirements have been met. This documentation helps other University units (e.g., Pharmacy) verify that another institution’s IRB approval is also valid for UCLA.


Step 5: UCLA Researcher Obtains other necessary approvals (e.g. finalize contract with sponsor, ISPRC review, etc.)


IRB approval may not be the only approval necessary to conduct the research.


The relying UCLA investigator remains responsible for determining that necessary approvals are in place before the research proceeds.



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Page Last Updated: April 27, 2018