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ORI on Possible Research Misconduct


Most Recent Annual Report to ORI on Possible Research Misconduct


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HRSA – UCLA compliance regarding age, sex, human rights and handicap


Date required by some HRSA proposals for UCLA compliance regarding age, sex, human rights and handicap.


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Department of Education, Statistics on Education


Dept of Education/IES weblink "National Center for Education Statistics" on UCLA
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UCOP Representations and Certifications


Representations and certifications are written guarantees made by institutions to sponsoring agencies.
UCOP manages these reps and certs across three (3) levels of monitoring shown below.


A representation is an account or statement of fact concerning the capabilities of an offerer (i.e., an applicant of a grant or contract) about its abilities to perform.

A certification is the submission of documents that serve as guarantees that an applicant meets certain standards or will comply with certain governmental acts.


UCOP List A: Items Requiring Special Monitoring
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

UCOP List B: Items Requiring Routine Monitoring
Grantee/Contractor Responsibilityreps

UCOP List C: Items Requiring Minimal Monitoring
Type of Business/Place of Performance


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Page Last Updated: June 22, 2017