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Overview of Proposal Preparation

The Office of Contract and Grant Administration (OCGA) is a central administrative office within UCLA's Research Administration. OCGA has delegated the authority to submit extramurally funded research proposals to government, non-profit and higher education organizations for the purpose of research, service, training, clinical trials, and other sponsored activities.

The preparation and submission of any contract or grant proposal generally involves several individuals or offices working together. Therefore, planning ahead and familiarizing yourself with this process is highly recommended.


All proposals requiring OCGA review and submission should be routed to the OCGA Proposal Intake Team.


Management of Sponsored Projects


OCGA’s Responsibilities

OCGA’s responsibilities include the review and approval and signing and/or submitting of all proposals to government, non-profit, and higher education organizations for extramural support on behalf of the University. This includes sponsored project activities, such as research, training, and public service.


Proposals to Industry Sponsors (for-profit) and Industry funded Clinical Trials are the responsibility of other campus administrative offices.  


For additional information please review the Responsibility Matrix.


Principal Investigator’s Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI) to develop and prepare a proposal with the assistance of the appropriate department administrator or business office in accordance with prescribed agency and University Policies in sufficient time to ensure that all review deadlines are met. 

In addition, it is the PI’s responsibility to complete an Extramural Proposal Approval and Submission Summary ("EPASS") in accordance with form instructions. The PI is also responsible for securing proper signatures on the proposal, EPASS, and any other required approval forms in accordance with agency and University requirements.  



Submission Deadlines to OCGA


It is vital that a complete error-free proposal package be provided to OCGA at least five business days prior to the submission deadline. Proposals submitted after this time may be at risk of a successful and timely submission in spite of OCGA’s best attempts. Please see the following link for our current quarterly deadlines.


Minimum Proposal Requirements



Page Last Updated: February 5, 2019