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Research-Related Policies and Procedures


UCLA Research-Related Policies and Procedures


This section provides a selection of UCLA-specific research-related policies and procedures.


  • UCLA Policy 900 – Principal Investigator Eligibility 
  • UCLA Policy 910 – Management of Sponsored Projects 
  • UCLA Procedure 910.1 – Approval and Submission of Contract and Grant Proposals 
  • UCLA Policy 920 – Expenditure or Commitment of Funds against contracts and Grants Prior to Receipt of Executed Awards 
  • UCLA Policy 921 – Accepting Support for Research from Nongovernmental Organizations 
  • UCLA Policy 913 – Disposition of Unexpended Balances in Fixed Rate and Fixed Price Contracts and Nonrefundable Grants 
  • UCLA Policy 925 – Financial Conflict of Interest in Research 
  • UCLA Procedure 925.2 – Disclosing Financial Interests in Non-Governmental Sponsors of Contracts, Grants, and Material Transfer Agreements for Research 
  • UCLA Procedure 925.3 – Disclosing Financial Interests Relevant to Federally Sponsored Research Projects (except Public Health Service) 
  • UCLA Policy 926 – Public Health Service Regulations on Objectivity in Research 
  • UCLA Policy 993 – Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct 


Page Last Updated: June 22, 2017