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OCGA’s mission is to support UCLA faculty in their sponsored project activities by providing expertise, assistance, and education.




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The UCLA Office of Contract and Grant Administration assists the campus research community in reviewing, approving and submitting proposal applications and negotiating and executing contracts and grants from government and non-profit sponsors. OCGA has primary responsibility for the interpretation of University-wide and campus policy, sponsor guidelines, and applicable federal and state laws and regulations related to governmental and non-profit sponsored activities. OCGA also executes all outgoing Subawards issued under grants or collaborative agreements.




Posted On 3/19/2019
Spring Quarter 2019 Proposal Deadline Calendars
This is a reminder that proposals and supporting internal documents are due to OCGA Proposal Intake Team (proposals@research.ucla.edu) five working days before they need to be submitted electronically or ... » read more
Posted On 1/29/2019
NSF Resumption of Operations
The National Science Foundation has established a Resumption of Operations at NSF website which includes... » read more
Posted On 1/25/2019
Partial Federal Government Shutdown Update - NASA
As the partial government shutdown continues, we have updated information from NASA.... » read more
Posted On 1/11/2019
Partial Shutdown of Federal Government
As you are aware, a partial government shutdown has continued into the new year. While Department of Health and Human Services (includes NIH), Department of Defense, Department of Energy and the Department of Education are funded; others such as ... » read more
Posted On 12/11/2018
OCGA - Winter Holiday Closure
The Office of Contract and Grant Administration (OCGA) will observe the UCLA Winter Holiday Closure that begins on... » read more
Posted On 11/28/2018
Requirement to Report All Sources of Research Funding in Federal Grant Applications
I am writing to remind you of long-standing grant submission requirements for reporting "Other Support."... » read more
Posted On 9/21/2018
New ORA Mailing List Subscription Tool
To receive announcements via email, click ... » read more
Posted On 8/7/2018
Changes to NIH ASSIST Login and Logout
NIH has announced that the login and logout process for ASSIST will change... » read more
Posted On 8/7/2018
Enhancements to NIH Human Subjects System (HSS)
New features in the NIH HSS will be released... » read more
Posted On 7/2/2018
NIH Commons - Information Regarding Automated Emails on Human Subject Study Records
The NIH eRA team has released the following information about automated emails being sent to Principal Investigators regarding... » read more