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Forms required for proposal submission and award actions approved by OCGA are available on this page. Please refer to instructions for each form. For additional questions, please contact your OCGA Analyst or Officer.


General Forms


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Outgoing Subaward Forms


  • Subrecipient to provide:



  • If Multi-Campus Award (MCA) with sister UC campus:


  • Award Stage:

    • OCGA Subaward Checklist
      • Copies of subrecipient compliance documents: Human Subjects, Animal Subjects, Stem Cell, etc.
    • MCA Checklist
    • Copies of Proposal Stage documents as well as UCLA OCGA Award Snapshot 


  • Subaward Management:


  • Close-Out Stage:
    • UCLA PI to provide:
      • Subaward Final Close-out Certification (Attachment D)
        Please see Subaward Agreements and Amendments for list of required reports (Final Invoice, Final Technical, Final Patent, and any other required reports that UCLA PI/Department should collect).


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Page Last Updated: June 30, 2017