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S2S Grants/


S2S Grants is a web-based alternative for preparing, validating, and submitting proposals via Over 98% of opportunities are supported for grants posted by NIH (including supplements), NSF, AHRQ, CDC, NASA, DOD (including CDMRP), and other agencies. The Office of Contract and Grant Administration and Office for Research Information Systems began a pilot program utilizing S2S Grants in December 2007 and use of S2S Grants for eligible submissions campus-wide became mandatory in January 2009 (see memo from Vice Chancellor Peccei).


Accessing the System

  • S2S Grants System is available to all researchers and administrators who have a current UCLA Logon ID. To request access system access, contact your departmental research administration office.
  • Two Environments are available to campus users:


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  • Systems Access Requests, Help, Requests for Institutional Profiles, or Departmental Training Requests should be directed to OCGA eRA Help at
  • UCLA Logon ID Help. Have your 9-digit UID available when accessing this site.
  • For additional assistance please contact your Contract and Grants Team.
  • S2S Grants List-Serv:  
    • Receive important information and updates.
      To subscribe or unsubscribe to the S2S Grants mailing list, or other ORA mailing lists, please visit the ORA Mailing Lists page.


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Training Modules: Submitting Proposals to via S2S Grants

  • For your convenience we have provided the S2S Grants training in PDF format.
    Module with Topics in PDF Format
    1. Desktop Readiness
      1. Browsers Supported in S2S Grants
      2. Browsers Configuration
    1. Introduction to S2S Grants
      1. Features of S2S Grants
      2. Logging into S2S Grants
      3. General Navigation of S2S Grants
      4. How to Interpret S2S Grants Icons
      5. How to Change Your Password and Check User Preferences
    1. Professional Profiles
      1. What is a Professional Profile?
      2. Utilizing Professional Profiles
      3. How to Set Up a Professional Profile
      4. How to Upload Biosketches Into S2S Grants
      5. How to Link Your Professional Profile to an Institutional Sub-Profile
      6. Managing Permissions
      7. Deleting Duplicate Profiles
    1. Funding Opportunities
      1. Download a Funding Opportunity from
      2. Managing Opportunities
      3. Using Opportunities
    1. Proposal Creation
      1. Creating a New Proposal
      2. How to navigate the Proposal
      3. Internal Proposal Title Configuration
      4. Managing Proposal Permissions
      5. How to use the errors and warnings facility
      6. How to copy a Proposal
      7. How to transform a proposal
      8. How to lock and unlock a proposal
    1. Proposal Basics
      1. Using Auto-fill function
      2. How to add additional site locations
      3. How to add key personnel
      4. Adding Biosketches to the Proposal
      5. Targeted/Planned Enrollment Table, Report and Forms
    1. Proposal Budgets
      1. Adding Key/Senior Personnel
      2. Completing the Budget Components (Fringe Benefits, Equipment, Other Direct Costs, etc.)
      3. Creating and Managing Budget Periods
      4. Replicating Budget Data
      5. Escalating Budget Data
      6. Creating a Modular Budget
      7. Creating Subaward Proposals/Budgets
      8. Linking Subaward Proposal/Budgets
      9. Importing and Exporting Subaward Proposals/Budgets
      10. NIH Requirements for Subawards
    1. Attaching Documents
      1. Attachment Checklist
      2. Attaching Documents
      3. Attaching the Research Plan
      4. Using the "Exploder"
      5. Viewing Proposals in PDF Format


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Forms and Tools


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Page Last Updated: January 18, 2019