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NSF Fastlane/


Presently the system used by NSF for proposal submission and/or receipt is known as FastLane. However this system is to be replaced by, which already supports some post-award functions. Most notably progress and financial reporting.


  • FastLane accounts are granted on an as needed basis.
  • Administrative staff may be granted access to FastLane proposals as delegated by the PI(s).
  • FastLane and accounts are linked so only one account is needed for both systems.
  • For User /Account Access send email to OCGA eRA Help at 

For All Users:

    1. First Name
    2. Middle Initial (if applicable)
    3. Last Name
    4. Email
    5. Phone Number
    6. Fax Number

Additional Information Required for PIs:

    1. Suffix (Jr., Sr., III, Etc)
    2. Department
    3. Degree Type
    4. Degree Year



Page Last Updated: June 22, 2017