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RAS and Pre-Award Spending


  • What is Pre-Award Spending?
    • Request for Authorization to Spend Funds Prior to the Receipt of an Award (RAS/ERAS).
    • It may be necessary to incur costs before an actual award is received by UCLA.
    • In order for the cost to be incurred the sponsoring agency must allow it, and the University requirements must be met.
    • In the event an award is not recieved it is the department's responsibility to cover incurred costs
    • The result of an approved RAS will be a fund number assignment.



Potential Sources of Delay of the Setup of a RAS


  • All compliance documents must be in place to setup or approve a RAS
  • Delays may arise from incomplete or missing internal documentation, ARC approvals, Disclosure of Financial Interest, IRB approvals and Representations & Certifications. 
  • OCGA strives to provide a transparent workflow. OCGA will send notifications to the PI and Department Administrators upon the receipt of an agreement and when a fund number has been established.



Page Last Updated: June 22, 2017