Extramural Fund Management (EFM) provides financial management services for the UCLA research community in support of more than $1 billion dollars in sponsored awards. EFM is composed of four service areas that provide expertise and assistance to UCLA faculty and staff and serves as a liaison with research sponsors in respect to financial management of sponsored awards. Together, EFM strives to be an industry leader in the financial management of sponsored research to support UCLA's top tier research program.

The following statements provide a brief description of each area:

Fund Management

Fund Management Teams’ responsibilities include day-to-day financial management of extramural sponsored funds with funding sources ranging from federal, state and local government, and private sponsors. Fiscal compliance with UCLA and sponsor policies, including timely submission of invoices and financial reports to sponsoring agencies. Provide direction and advisory services to assist with interpreting sponsor and University policies and procedures for overall financial administration of sponsored projects.

Cash Management

Cash Management Team responsibilities include ensuring the timely collection of payments from sponsors. Payments are collected through various methods including a draw-down of funds through letter of credit, electronic fund transfers, check deposits and intercampus transfers. Upon cash receipt, payments are distributed to applicable funds.

Audit Support

Audit Support Team responsibilities include providing support for audits conducted by sponsors or independent auditors throughout the fiscal year. Audit support is an integral part of the communication between the department, and campus audit and advisory service, and other central offices across campus to ensure campus is well prepared for audit engagements, and timely conduct and completion of audits.

Effort Reporting

Effort Reporting Team responsibilities include providing advisory services through the ERS help desk as well as leading effort reporting system training for the campus community. Compliance with Federal requirements pertaining to effort report certification is essential and effort reporting team carefully provides guidance to campus certifiers to ensure UCLA remains in compliance.