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PAMS Overview


The Post Award Management System (PAMS) is a central web-based system that provides campus administrators with tools to facilitate effective and efficient financial management of sponsored awards from the start to the closing of funds. 


PAMS displays near real-time data from the financial system in a post award context for fund managers to review, edit, and approve financial activities on-line. PAMS allows fund managers to communicate the status of financial activities and financial deliverables in real time within a single system.



  • Facilitates increased on-time submission and accuracy of financial reports and invoices.
  • Provides a customized worklist for the individual user to prioritize work and monitor progress.
  • Standardizes the fund closeout process and automates certain manual processes.
  • Stores financial reports and invoices, correspondence, and historical information in a single integrated system. 
  • Allows users to track internal turnaround times for preparation and approval of financial reports and invoices and closeout processes.
  • Provides management reports to assess performance.


PAMS is now available for all campus users!


Log into PAMS using your UCLA Logon ID and Password


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