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Effort Reporting Periods


Effort reports are released twice a year; fall and winter quarters in April and spring and summer quarters in October with certification due dates in July and February respectively. Announcement is made to campus when effort are released including due dates.


Non-Academic and 11/12 Academics

  • Winter: January, February, and March
  • Spring: April, May, and June
  • Summer: July, August, and September
  • Fall: October, November, and December


9/12 Academics
(Employees that work 9 months out of the year but are paid over 12 months)

  • Winter: November, December, January and February
  • Spring: March, April, May, and June
  • Fall: July, August, September and October
  • Summer: June, July, August and September (Only Additional Compensation DOS codes)

Effort Reporting Policies


Uniform Guidance


University Accounting Manual


Business Finance Bulletin


UC Contract and Grant Manual


Effort Reporting Procedure

  • Effort Reporting Procedure – The procedure outlines how effort reports are released and the timeline for certification at UCLA.