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This page provides resources available to the research administration community, which can assist with the proper closeout of a sponsored contract and grant fund. For sponsor policies and procedures please visit our Policies and Procedures page. 



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Fund Expiration Notification Notification templates automatically sent to department administrators and PI alerting them 90 days prior, 30 days prior and on day of expiration of fund.
Cost Share Form If cost sharing is applicable to award, the cost share report and supporting documentation must be provided along with closeout packet.
Revision Request Request for a revision to a previously submitted final financial deliverables, must be submitted.
NPEAR Financial Journal Manual financial journal template and justification questions to be completed by the department and submitted to EFM when transfers of non-payroll expenses are not available for transfer through the system.
Department checklist at 90 days prior to fund expiration Checklist of items to be reviewed 90 days prior to fund expiration in preparation of fund closeout.      
Pre-closeout Checklist List of items to be completed by the department prior to generation of COP. Checklist is generated using the RAPID Closeout Tool.    





  1. PAMS
  2. RAPID Closeout tool:
    1. Download tool
    2. RAPID Smart Closeout Tool Manual